CookItFor.Us Featured on Tech Cocktail

//CookItFor.Us Featured on Tech Cocktail

CookItFor.Us Featured on Tech Cocktail

Catching on to the explosive growth of foodie culture and the pursuit of all things food, Chicago-based startup CookItFor.Us has positioned itself as a different kind of food website – one of action, purchase and discovery.

Their online platform links “Cravers,” those who would like a recipe made for them, and “Makers,” the licensed chefs, cooks, caterers, and restaurants, who can cook the recipe for Cravers.  The CookItFor.Us website facilitates the connection between the two parties with a formal quote process, delivery arrangement, and payment.

The ecommerce portion of the CookItFor.Us online community is complemented by the Crave Button plugin, which food bloggers can add to their site to highlight their recipe content.  This gives bloggers the opportunity to market themselves and extend their audience reach.

The Crave Button could potentially evolve into a great data capture tool – bloggers can see which recipes are getting the most Craves, as well as the reach of their Craves via social media by the volume of Craves.   The biggest challenge I see in the near future for the CookItFor.Us team is meeting the demand of all the Cravers looking for Makers, especially given the food photography that draws the users in.  Food cravings have an immediacy timeline that may challenge the well organized process that CookItFor.Us has established.

Still, it is an interesting startup that has a lot of potential.  If you give it a try, let us know what you think by leaving a comment below!