CHICAGO – The average active person generates enough energy from everyday motion to power a smartphone for three hours, and the average smartphone user runs out of juice before the end of the day. Enter AMPY, a new startup that has solved this all too common problem by inventing the first pocket-sized wearable device that captures the energy from everyday motion and turns it into power for smartphones and other USB-powered devices. Today, the company is announcing the launch of a Kickstarter campaign with a $100,000 goal to bring the world’s smallest charging device powered by movement to market.

The compact, lightweight wearable device transforms kinetic energy, or energy generated from everyday movements such as walking, running or biking, into battery power for smartphones, smartwatches, and wearable devices. Users can charge while on the go at the same rate of a wall outlet or store their energy for later use when they can’t get to a power outlet.

“Active users typically produce enough energy in a day to add an additional three hours of battery life to their smartphone or a full day of battery life to their smartwatch. Using AMPY can offset the carbon footprint of your smartphone,” said Tejas Shastry, founder and CEO of AMPY. “We envision a future where smartwatches and fitness trackers power themselves entirely from your movement. You never have to plug in.”

A companion smartphone app lets users track energy generated, calories burned and hours of smartphone or smartwatch battery life. Users can compare their stats with friends and other AMPY users and can share their progress on Twitter and Facebook to stay charged and motivated.

AMPY’s power generation capacity greatly exceeds current market standards for kinetic chargers. The company’s proprietary and patent-pending inductor technology enables the small device to capture and store about a week’s worth of motion-generated energy. Existing kinetic chargers capable of generating and storing this amount of energy would require a device three times the size and weight of AMPY.

AMPY’s sleek, curved design contours comfortably on the body, allowing physically active users to easily integrate AMPY into any type of activity throughout the day. To protect the device and enhance functionality, an accessory kit will also be available and will include a band, sleeve and clip. The band has an adjustable strap and may be worn as a wrist, arm or leg band.

The AMPY Kickstarter campaign will run through Nov. 9, 2014. The first 250 backers will receive AMPY for the early bird price of $75. Following the Kickstarter campaign, AMPY will be available for pre-order at for $95 or $125 with an accessory kit. To view more about the project and to get your own AMPY, visit

About AMPY
Headquartered in Chicago, AMPY was founded in 2014 by three engineering PhD candidates at Northwestern University on a mission to transform human movement into usable energy. AMPY empowers people with the ability to generate their own energy and use it for the devices they depend on the most. Learn more about AMPY by visiting and connect on Twitter and Facebook.