Innovative Casting Method Results In Lightweight, Smooth & Ready-To-Use

Vintage Quality Cast-Iron Pans

Royal Oak, Mich. – Marquette Castings, the culinary-focused subsidiary of the Brio Product Group, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring the lightest cast-iron cooking skillets in the world to at-home chefs and cooks everywhere. The 8, 10 and 12-inch skillets made from mostly recycled iron offer all of the benefits of classic cast-iron cookware but weigh 20 percent less than cast-iron skillets currently on the market.


Mixing vintage quality with modern innovation, the new line of cast-iron skillets is lightweight, smooth and comes fully seasoned and ready to hit the stove immediately out of the box. The skillets are created with investment casting, meaning the mold is made from a ceramic shell rather than compacted sand, the lightweight design has thinner wall sections at 3MM, compared to the typical 5MM wall thickness found in comparable cast iron. Marquette’s unique handle design is raised to add balance and to resist heat transfer.


Traditional cast-iron pans sold as “pre-seasoned” still require the user to season the pan prior to use. Marquette Castings eliminated that hassle and implemented a proprietary seasoning process by finishing skillets with four coats of flax oil, preventing their pans from rusting and allowing their pans to be ready to use on day one. A beloved item for matriarchs, foodies and professionals alike, cast iron has long been revered as a kitchen staple due to its longevity and ability to heat up quickly while withstanding extremely high cooking temperatures.


“We wanted to create something that could introduce a new generation of cooks to the joys of cast iron while also capturing the ease and convenience consumers look for today,” said Marquette Castings co-creator Eric Steckling. “We spent an extensive amount of time researching and testing to make sure our product was truly remarkable and something shoppers couldn’t find elsewhere in a price point that was attainable.”


Created by the same team that invented the Brio SmartClean toothbrush, the Radius Nail Clippers and the Brio SilkStone electric pedicure file, the team behind Marquette Castings has a proven track record of bringing consumer products to market. With the tooling process nearly complete, skillet production is scheduled to commence immediately following the Kickstarter campaign. Early bird backers may even receive their skillets as early as December 2016 in time for the holiday season.


The Marquette Castings’ $30,000-goal Kickstarter campaign runs through Nov. 15, 2016. Project backers will be offered a discounted price and receive their skillets before anyone else. Early bird pricing for 8, 10 and 12-inch skillets is $98, $110 and $125, respectively. To view more about the project, visit the Marquette Castings Kickstarter campaign. Following the campaign, the company’s pans will be available for pre-order at

About Marquette Castings:

Headquartered in Royal Oak, Michigan, Marquette Castings was developed by brothers Eric, Kurt and Karl Steckling. The Marquette brand is not the first product the Steckling team has brought to market. Marquette’s parent company Brio Product Group has launched several lines of consumer products. To learn more, go to