CHICAGO – RagLite, the inventors of the world’s first lightweight and portable LED lighting systems for consumer, commercial and professional use, today announced that it has kicked off an Indiegogo campaign to bring its wide range of versatile lighting solutions to market. RagLite aims to raise $100,000 to manufacture and launch its Fusion and Cine product lines. The Fusion line is designed with the everyday consumer in mind, and the Cine line is designed for professional cinema lighting and video production use.

“We developed RagLite out of a need of our own. As film production veterans my co-founder and I found large and heavy lighting equipment to be painfully cumbersome, so we set out to make the most versatile, portable and practical light the world has ever seen,” said Chad Soderholm, co-founder and CEO of RagLite.

RagLites are made from flexible LED light strips that are sewn into fabric in a variety of sizes. The long-lasting, energy efficient light sources are water-resistant, low-heat emitting and virtually indestructible. RagLites can be held, hung or mounted to any object, and their lightweight, flexible design enables them to be rolled up for easy transportation and storage. RagLites have many applications from film and photography to gardening, camping, and everyday use.

RagLite Fusion will be available in 3 sizes and will be offered as a basic wall-powered unit or as a kit with accessories:

• RagLite Fusion Mini (Four 4-inch LED strips) 320 lumes output – Basic $95, Kit $145
• RagLite Fusion Rugged (Eight 8-inch LED strips) 1280 lumes output – Basic $175, Kit $245
• RagLite Fusion Original (Twelve 12-inch LED strips) 2880 lumes output – Basic $275, Kit $395

RagLite Cine will be available in 3 sizes in both Tungsten and Daylite and will be offered as a kit with accessories:
• RagLite Cine Mini (Four 4-inch LED strips) 435 lumes output; 3200K Tungsten or 5600K Daylite – $295
• RagLite Cine 1X (Sixteen 12-inch LED strips) 5232 lumes output; 3200K Tungsten, 5600K Daylite or 3000K-6000K Hybrid Models – $1,450
• RagLite Cine 2X (Sixteen 24-inch LED strips) 10464 lumes output; 3200K Tungsten, 5600K Daylite or 3000K-6000K Hybrid Models – $2,450

Though the Indiegogo campaign will focus on RagLite’s Fusion and Cine lines for consumers and professionals, stretch goals met within the 40-day campaign will unlock additional product lines such as Chroma, Grow, Medi and Commando. Backers that pledge within the first 48 hours will receive a 25% discount on any RagLite unit. Contributors may also pledge $5 or more to support RagLite’s Love & Lite Foundation, a non-profit organization designed to bring light to the poorest communities in the world.

“In creating RagLite, we realized we could do something even bigger – bring light to the world,” said Lori Allen, co-founder and managing partner of RagLite. “There are over 1.3 billion people living without electricity. We want to change that by establishing RagLite’s Love & Lite Foundation that will provide RagLites to those in need.”

Through RagLite’s “Lite Up The World” referral program, up to 6 percent of all RagLite proceeds contributed during the campaign will be donated back to the Love & Lite Foundation. The RagLite Indiegogo campaign will run through Dec. 1, 2014. To view more about the project and to be one of the first to get your own RagLite visit:

About RagLite
Headquartered in Chicago, RagLite was founded in 2014 by Chad Soderholm and Lori Allen. On a mission to transform the way people think about lighting, RagLite pioneered the first fabric-mounted, flexible LED light source. To learn more about RagLite, visit and connect on Twitter and Facebook.