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      • Hands-on attention from firm partners.
      • Consistent editorial coverage without fluffy reports.
      • Long term partners without long term contracts.
      • Significant experience working with tech startups.
      • Ask around. We deliver.

Think of us as an extension of your team.

With VineSprout, you can expect strong results, personalized attention, and solid dependability.

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PR for growth stage tech startups.

VineSprout is the go-to tech PR firm for growth stage startups. We look to partner with and support passionate entrepreneurs and innovative startups. Tech companies that are solving key problems and transforming industries. We specialize in securing consistent editorial placements in target publications and media outlets to drive awareness, increase visibility and gain exposure for our clients.

We help tech startups extend their reach.

We’ll help you refine your brand and ensure your key messages are strong, accurate and consistent. We develop newsworthy story angles, secure media interviews and prepare you for tough questions from journalists. Expect media placements that will garner the attention of users, customers and investors. Our number one goal is to keep you in the news on a consistent basis to help you jumpstart your business, drive continued growth and rise above the competition.

Our deep expertise spans both business and consumer technology, with extensive vertical experience in agtech, foodtech, health tech, fintech, IoT and cleantech market segments. The startups we work with have created disruptive solutions and technologies — from mobile applications, software-as-a-service (SaaS) and enterprise platforms, to wearable devices, gadgets and on-demand services.

What Clients Say

“Results oriented PR firm with great media relationships. VineSprout helped launch our mobile health app and put us in the spotlight with numerous media placements during our 6-month engagement. The coverage increased our credibility, sales leads and business opportunities. Awesome team; you work directly with the principals, Ben and Nicole. They will ACCELERATE your business.”
Dr. David Laborde, Founder - Iconic Data
“Power2Switch has worked with VineSprout from the very start of our residential operations, and we couldn’t have gotten as much brand awareness and consumer trust as we have without their help. Nicole and Ben have helped us garner earned (and very valuable) media in some of the most prestigious publications/websites in the country. The personal but professional touch they bring to the partnership has always made us consider them our very own ‘in-house PR team.”
Seyi Fabode, Co-founder - Power2Switch (Excelerate Labs/TechStars)
“VineSprout was the perfect partner for getting the word out about the launch of our new company. They were extremely professional and always focused on getting us the most exposure possible even when it was beyond the scope of our agreement. I highly recommend them to any company who is looking to get their message out to potential customers and the business community. For a startup on a limited budget, VineSprout definitely provided the bang for the buck we needed!”
Glenn Robertson, Co-founder - Back9Booking